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Juergen Roth, Amazing Nature Photographer, Interview

When and how did you become interested photography? How long have been an photographer? I took over my Dad’s camera when I was 19 or 20. I forgot where he got the SLR from but it was just sitting around without … Continue reading

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Richard Rizzo, Unique Americana Photography for Sale

A·mer·i·ca·na 2 (ə-mĕrˌə-käˈnə, -kănˈə, -kāˈnə) noun 1. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Materials relating to American history, folklore, or geography or considered to be typical of American culture: Americana are featured in the exhibit. When I think of … Continue reading

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The Story Behind, A Unique Gift

A Unique Gift on Twitter, Stumbleupon, and now WordPress.com features,”Amazing Artwork that captures the imagination from Wonderful and Talented Artist’s Around the Globe.” This website features masterful designs, eye catching photography, soul stirring paintings, and the story behind the artwork … Continue reading

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A Unique Gift the Home for Unique Art

A Unique Gift will feature unique and talented artist from around the globe.  A Unique Gift has discovered so much exciting new art that captures the imagination from his Twitter blog, and from his Stumbleupon blog at, Hazelwood4’s Reviews at … Continue reading

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