Juergen Roth, Amazing Nature Photographer, Interview

When and how did you become interested photography? How long have been an photographer?

I took over my Dad’s camera when I was 19 or 20. I forgot where he got the SLR from but it was just sitting around without being used. I started taking it more and more until finally I was able to call it my own. I recall it to be a Pentax with a 50mm lens and did a wonderful job taking photographs. A couple years later I moved from a small town near Cologne to West Berlin. Berlin was hip and wild. The art scene was and still is very remarkable and I very much enjoyed it for my 10 year stint in Berlin.

Is anyone else in your family a photographer?

No … I am the one and only photographer in my family. Occasionally my mom used to paint beautiful flowers and did them quite well.

What else do you besides take photos?

I love to run and run long. It clears my mind and keeps me balanced. I hope to run the NY marathon in 2011 and perhaps another winter or spring marathon before that … of course that requires me to get my training going again as I slaked off in 2009 after running the Boston Marathon.

What are some of the things that influence your work?

I always look at other photographers ‘work. There is truly amazing artwork out there and it is exciting to get inspired by it. Nature is the ultimate inspiration though and it is the many forms, shapes and colors of the natural world that inspire me most.

What are some of the things that make your photography different then other artists?

I think many photographers trust their digital camera to take the picture for them and then hope for the best and plan to apply fixes in Photoshop. But good photography actually hasn’t changed much, just the output has changed. Personally I always strive for the best photo possible in the field where I use filters and think about exposure settings. That guarantees an image that barely needs any post processing. I usually do not crop my photography and only apply minimal contrast, lighting, color adjustments before sharpening the final image.

Has your photography been featured in magazines and other sites on the Internet?

Resting” was recently featured in an article about pareidolia in the Brazilian science magazine Mundo Estranho. Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon that finds recognizable forms in any natural manifestation. I am also currently on the cover of a local course magazine that gets distributed four times a year through my community. It is quite a treat to walk through town and see my images all over the place. My work is on sale at Fine Art America (http://juergen-roth.artistwebsites.com) and through my website at www.juergenrothphotography.com. I currently have 17 photographs in a solo exhibition in Newton, MA and “Serene Cape Cod” was juried into an exhibition in Cambridge, MA. I also write a regular blog (http://blog.juergenrothphotography.com) where I discuss my techniques, locations and provide tips for better photography.

Amazing nature photography from Juergen Roth coming soon!

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