Richard Rizzo, Unique Americana Photography for Sale

A·mer·i·ca·na 2 (ə-mĕrˌə-käˈnə, -kănˈə, -kāˈnə)

1. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Materials relating to American history, folklore, or geography or considered to be typical of American culture: Americana are featured in the exhibit.

When I think of America and our countries history, the things that were used to make our country great go running through my mind. I think of the items that shaped our culture, and changed our landscape.

Richard Rizzo, does an amazing job of photographing unique Americana, the items and geography that runs deep into the soul of our American culture.  America and America’s innovation ring loudly throughout the historical photography of Richard Rizzo!

Today, Richard will show us a few of his amazing photographs, and give us his word on his unique art.

Art PrintsThe Old Mule, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

The Old Mule was photographed in 1996 while visiting Montana, it was part of a roadside attraction that happened to have some of the most awesome antique treasures I have ever seen both inside and out on the grounds,  I just wish I could remember where in the state it was because I would love to make a point of revisiting it again one day.

Art PrintsThe #1702 at Dillsboro, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

The #1702 At Dillsboro was photographed in 1999 at Dillsboro North Carolina and was part of the Smoky Mountain Railway excursion it has since been removed from service for renovations. The train is a Consolidation 2-8-0 built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in the early 1940’s, I photographed it in B/W and added a slight sepia tone to it to give it a more age feel.

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The Old Georgia Farm, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

Old Georgia Farm has a unique story to it.While visiting at Andersonville (Civil War prison) Georgia I decided to take a scenic route to the highway to get home, well I got out in this part of the state where there was nothing but farms and roads everywhere and that’s when I found this gem of a structure just sitting on a plot of land with no other houses around, I was fortunate enough to have an extra roll of 35mm Infrared film which I loaded on the spot and snapped a few shots. I have learned that sometimes the not so popular roads have some amazing treasures on them. This was photographed in 1997.

Photography PrintsLogan Pass, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

Logan Pass was photographed at Glacier National Park Montana in 1996 where it meets the Canadian border, the place was as incredible and breathtaking as one could imagine, here I managed to capture the piercing sunlight along the well known  “Going-to the-Sun Road. I would highly recommend anyone visiting the region to take a few days to see this awesome place.


Photography Prints

Going Down, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

Going Down was photographed at Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga Tennessee around 1995, I took this shot trying to capture the vertigo feel of this amazing cable train. The Chickamauga and Chattanooga Civil War Military Park is near by.

I want to thank Richard Rizzo for stopping by today and giving his word on his unique photo art.

Richard Rizzo’s, interview will be coming soon!

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