Unique Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta

“Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.” Quote

Debi Peralta from Salt Lake City, Utah, is an amazing digital artist. Debi Peralta, creates beautiful masterpieces from the stuff that dreams are made of. Today, we are going to get the word on what has influenced Debi Peralta’s amazing and beautiful fractal art for purchase.

Inclement Imagination, “Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta.”

Debi, what influenced you to create this amazing fractal art piece for purchase?

Honestly, I was frustrated the day I composed this, for lack of inspiration. I wanted something abstract and bold that would convey frustration and this was the result. Ironically, it put me in a better mood because it turned out so well.

Summer Requiem, “Amazing Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta.”

In this breathtaking digital art piece, Summer Requiem what influenced you to create this piece of amazing digital art?

Though I really dread the heat I love the summer. I have gardens all around in the neighborhood where I love and enjoy sitting on my balcony to enjoy the view of the lavish gardens. This piece was composed with the sadness of looking around and seeing flowers crisping in the colder night air.

The Sea Dragon Spawn, “Amazing Fractal Art for purchase from Debi Peralta.”

The Sea Dragon Spawn is a masterful piece of Fractal Digital Art for Purchase, so what is the word behind this piece?

In this piece I set about wanting to create a very pastel form that had a highly organic feel — like something you’d see in nature. It turned out with very draconian lines, and the form seemed like an embryonic sea horse, so it was named as it is. It’s one of those compositions where I fell in love with the gradient I’d composed and it proceeded with mood and forms from there.

Prior to Oblivion,”Amazing Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta”

This also an amazing piece, what was the influence here?

At once a method study and something that is inspired with my fascination for neuroscience — this is meant to illustrate the state of mind prior to death.  I know that sounds morbid.  But the Buddhists monks meditate on their death daily and often.  They seek to achieve a state of mind that ends with a brilliant whiteness after contending with many other vivid states of mind in death.  This work won an honorable mention at the Museum of Computer Art’s 2nd Anniversary Exhibit in Brooklyn.

Sojourner of Wind, “Amazing Fractal Art for Purchase from and Debi Peralta.”

What is the story behind this beautiful piece of fractal art?

I was not particularly inspired at the beginning of this composition. Honestly it’s a study of a method I’d begun to formulate to get the palest possible form and very fine lines on a
pale background. It reminded me of a ghostly sailing vessel — hence the name.

Elusive Fountain of Piece, “Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta.”

Debi, this is one of my favorite pieces, so what is the story behind piece of fractal digital art for purchase?

This is the work that won the Matt Mawson Award for Excellence in Digital Art at a Solo Online juried invitational.  No particular inspiration at the beginning.  It’s one of those method studies where I set about with a basic idea and proceeded with the forms to arrive at the outcome.  I was very pleased that it looked so realistically like a fountain with a depth of field and a lighted horizon.

I want to thank this amazing,’digital dreamer’ for stopping by today, and giving her words on what is behind her amazing artwork.


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2 Responses to Unique Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta

  1. HI !
    Enjoyed seeing your artwork. I do not like Fractal , but you are a great talent.
    I wish you : KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .,it is really great.
    I am always interested in your thoughts and reactions to my artwork. Please,feel free to email me at any time.

  2. Debi Peralta says:

    Hi Zvetan

    Thank you for your comment. I’m always pleased to hear people don’t care for fractal art but like my work. I hope to make fractal art a pleasing work for people to see … something new and different. 🙂

    My best
    Debi Peralta

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