Debi Peralta, from the Website All Things Digital, Interview

Interview with the talented digital artist from the website All Things Digital’s, Debi Peralta:

Mike Hazelwood: When and how did you become interested digital artwork? How long have been an digital artist?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: I first became interested in art during my education at the University of Utah while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.  I took the required classes in fine arts to fulfill liberal education requirements and went a little beyond (resulting in a longer senior year than expected).  My medium at the time was clay and ceramic.  It wasn’t until I discovered digital tools at the advent of the “digital age” that I really found my true medium and began to design.   At first, I just did business cards and resumes for friends and then began designing web graphics.  About 2009 was when I opened a few accounts at some of the premiere online art sites and the rest is history.

Mike Hazelwood: Is anyone else in your family an artist?

Digital Artist, Debi Peralta: My daughter has a significant talent in all things artistic.  Other than that I’m the only one.

Mike Hazelwood: What else do you besides create artwork?

Digital Artist, Debi Peralta: Food.  I love to cook.  I explore all areas of fine cuisine and will find any excuse to entertain or fix a meal for family and friends.  My Beef Stroganoff is my signature main course dish.  I also make a decadent Pavlova.

Other than that I read and crochet.  If I lived in a house I’d probably do gardening, but I have plans to undertake an indoor culinary herb garden that will probably move out to my balcony when the weather gets warmer.

Mike Hazelwood: What are some of the things that influence your digital artwork?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: I find I have an intimate connection with my natural environment — the seasons, the changes in the weather, the incredible scenery in the Wasatch Mountain region.  You’ll see, as a result, some organic forms in my work that resemble natural forms (foliage, clouds, the cosmos, etc.)  My favorite artists, of course, influence my work — Georgia O’Keeffe and Wassilly Kandinsky, to name a couple.

Mike Hazelwood: What are some of the things that make your digital artwork for purchase different then other artists?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: When I first began to follow fractal art with a passion I found I was more drawn to the artists who did asymmetrical compositions as opposed to the mandala-like patterns.  Also I see a lot of fractal work on black backgrounds.  In most fractal programs a black background is default.  Although I do work on darker backgrounds because they accentuate refracted light forms, most of my work is delicately colored and on pale gray backgrounds.  It’s pretty challenging.  You have to be very careful how you choose colors and forms on lighter backgrounds.

I began to follow the work of digital artist Karin Kuhlmann in 2008 whose work is on pale backgrounds.  Her compositional style is sensual and full of movement and flow.  (Some of my viewers have commented they see her influence in some of my work.  YES!!)  She has been kind enough to take me aside and teach me how she uses color.  I took what she has taught me and try to do more contemporary/modern and organic work with fractal programs — something you don’t see much among fractal artists.  So much of fractal art is patterns.  I enjoy work that has a scene — a story — something that invites the viewer in to have a look around.  This is something I try to accomplish with my work.

Mike Hazelwood: Has your digital artwork been featured in magazines and other sites on the Internet?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: A lot of people who blog about art have featured my work, but most notably 1st Angel Arts Magazine and Best Emerging Artists have done a few features of my work.  Recently my work was nominated for a juried invitational exhibit at Solo Online, an online arts magazine hosted by RedBubble.  My work received the Matt Mawson Award for Excellence in Digital Art.  I also submitted work to the 2nd Anniversary Exhibit of the Museum of Computer Art, an online and brick and mortar museum in Brooklyn, New York.  Seventy-two works were submitted by artists around the world.  First, second and third place awards and five honorable mentions were given.  My submission was awarded an honorable mention and was also chosen for the cover of the Museum’s exhibit catalog.
Thank you Debi Peralta, the talented and gifted digital artist from, All Things Digital for today’s interview!

Stay tuned for unique amazing fractal artwork for purchase from the talented digital artist, Debi Peralta.

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