Juergen Roth, Amazing Nature Photography

Never lose an opportunity to see anything that is beautiful.
It is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.    Welcome
it in every fair face, every fair sky,  every fair flower.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photography Prints


Serene Cape Cod, “Beautiful Lake Nature Photo by Juergen Roth for Purchase.”In my previous red dinghy photograph I took advantage of the early morning light while now the idea was to capture it during the evening hours and explore different perspectives. It is such a beautiful photogenic setting and excitement was building up the closer I came to my final destination on Cape Cod. While finally crossing the Herring River overpass I sneaked a peak through my right eye and to my delight the boat was still anchored in the same location. What I did not expect and to my surprise it was painted blue which revealed a spontaneous outcry of “Awesome!” I pulled into the small parking lot, unloaded my photography gear and got to work from the overpass where I set up tripod and camera. The river current combined with the windy condition that evening made it hard to compose. The boat was constantly moving and I had to be extra patient with my composition attempts. I waited with the release of the shutter until the boat reached the point when it moved back into the opposite direction. This provided a stretched out chain from the blue boat to the buoy and the boat in an attractive position where it leads the viewer into the landscape. I often use a polarizing filter in my landscape photography and it darkened the river by eliminating unwanted bright sky reflection. The polarizer also saturated the green colors of the marsh land vegetation and the blue hues of the sky and boat. I chose a vertical or portrait composition for this landscape photograph to show the beauty and serenity of Cape Cod in large.

Photography Prints

Cape Cod Solitude, “Beautiful and Breathtaking Nature Photo by Juergen Roth.”On our way back in the evening from a bicycling tour around Martha’s Vineyard and hoping to bump into the Obamas, I noticed the red boat in the Herring River at an overpass near Harwich, MA. I immediately decided to come back here the next morning knowing that nobody would move the boat if I just get there early enough to work the object. Next morning I fell out of bed trying not to wake everybody else up, jumped in the car and did the 35 minute drive over to the location. Not that I was going too fast that morning but luckily a fellow driver warned me with his headlights to slow down a little because of a police car checking the speed limit further down the road. All I needed now was to get pulled over in the wee hours and get a ticket. Finally arriving at the location I was relieved that the boat was still there. The sun was already up, partly painting the boat in the glory morning hour light. I often get carried away by certain scenes and start shooting following my instincts instead of analyzing the scene. First I captured the boat directly from the parking lot but then made my way towards the overpass where I kept shooting. I then crossed the bridge and moved closer to the boat incorporating the grass in the front into the composition. At that point I also decided to change my lens range to 300mm lens zooming in more and achieving a narrower, more intimate view of the dinghy. It was a very quiet and windless morning which made it a good day to capture water reflections.

Art Prints

Innocent Beauty, “Amazing Rose Photo by Juergen Roth.”
The spiral rose photograph was taken in the Minot Rose garden in response to a call for artists by the Brookline Arts Center in conjunction with the Friends of the Minot Rose Garden. I am often asked if I used a spray device for this photograph to create the rain drops and I always have to say no. If you look closely you will notice that the rain drops are different in size and not evenly distributed. I believe that this effect is difficult to mimic with a water sprayer. Instead I actually planned this photo shoot out because I knew exactly what I was hunting for and what I was going to submit to the jury. I waited for a night of rain to arrive before I went out to the rose garden that morning. I was very delighted when I arrived because everything fell into place for a perfect morning of flower photography. The overcast sky was still present and the roses were still covered in rain drops. Red, yellow, pink, purple, orange; roses of all colors were just waiting to be photographed. I immediately started shooting, moving from one motif to the next, and making my way around the garden a few times. Two or three hours later I figured that my job was done for the day; I was ready to go home. For some strange reason I decided to make a final round and that is when I discovered the spiral rose in one of the corners. I do not know how I could have missed it earlier. I set up my tripod for a final shot. Zoomed in on the rose, adjusted the camera setting for maximum depth of field and took a series of photographs.

Sell Art OnlineFloral Abstract,”Flower Photo for Sale by Juergen Roth.”
This floral abstract macro photograph is part of a twelve lily flower photography collection. I often start out with a flower portrait highlighting its colors and character. I usually circle the flower to look for beautiful composition and to portray the floral in its best light; showing its full beauty. From the more distant less intimate view I slowly begin to explore my photo object through my camera. I first create abstracts from the petals and then concentrate more on the pistil, anthers and filaments. When focusing closer and finding my way deeper into the flower the true beauty in all its abstract forms and colors unfolds. I never know what to expect but it is truly amazing to find these natural wonders and photograph them. In this last photograph of my lily flower collection I laid the focus on the area where the stamen and pistil combine in the ovary, unleashing an intimate floral firework. I chose a 80mm lens setting and opened the aperture setting to f/3.5 leading to a 1/8 second shutter speed. The low light condition did not allow for a polarizing filter and a tripod provided the required stability for the low shutter speed. Exposure compensation was set to +1/3 step, slightly overexposing the image to enhance the creamy white of the lily petals and the vital green of its stamen and carpel.

Sell Art Online

Spring Colors,”Nature Photo for Purchase by Juergen Roth.”
Spring colors was created in 2005. I was a little burned out after a long winter when I decided to capture the beauty of Hall’s Pond throughout the year. For this project I went to the wildlife sanctuary at least once a week for a complete year to document the changes in my photographs. Wildlife sanctuary Hall’s Pond is such an amazing place and provides a diverse flora and fauna in the middle of the city. On this particular early Spring morning I made it out of bed and went to visit the pond; Great Blue Heron was in his usual spot, so was a Black Crowned Night Heron. A Cormorant was on the hunt for his breakfast and red winged blackbirds were singing along. I walked along the boardwalk enjoying the place all to myself. Morning light was braking through and started bringing out the colorful bushes and scrubs on the other side of the pond. As often the most difficult parts were to be patient and wait until the light was right and to find an open view across the pond. I tried from the boardwalk but had no luck. I then left the boardwalk and made my way a few yards along a tiny path to the edge of pond. I extended my tripod to eye level and equipped it with my 35 mm camera. 300 mm lens already installed, I zoomed fully in to 300 mm cropping out any disturbing backgrounds. The camera was set at smallest aperture setting to allow for great depth of field throughout the photograph. Camera angle and sunlight were at almost 90 degree for optimal polarization. I rotated the polarizing filter to the point of its greatest impact, bringing out the full glory of the colors and reducing any glare on the leaves. Using the automatic camera timer to minimize camera shaking I captured a handful of photographs and was very delighted once I got the final prints back from my local lab. “Spring Colors” was one of the first images that I sold and until now it remains one of my most favorite images … I in particular like the impressionistic feeling to it.

I want to thank the gifted nature photographer, Juergen Roth for stopping by today and sharing his unique nature photography.

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Juergen Roth, Amazing Nature Photographer, Interview

When and how did you become interested photography? How long have been an photographer?

I took over my Dad’s camera when I was 19 or 20. I forgot where he got the SLR from but it was just sitting around without being used. I started taking it more and more until finally I was able to call it my own. I recall it to be a Pentax with a 50mm lens and did a wonderful job taking photographs. A couple years later I moved from a small town near Cologne to West Berlin. Berlin was hip and wild. The art scene was and still is very remarkable and I very much enjoyed it for my 10 year stint in Berlin.

Is anyone else in your family a photographer?

No … I am the one and only photographer in my family. Occasionally my mom used to paint beautiful flowers and did them quite well.

What else do you besides take photos?

I love to run and run long. It clears my mind and keeps me balanced. I hope to run the NY marathon in 2011 and perhaps another winter or spring marathon before that … of course that requires me to get my training going again as I slaked off in 2009 after running the Boston Marathon.

What are some of the things that influence your work?

I always look at other photographers ‘work. There is truly amazing artwork out there and it is exciting to get inspired by it. Nature is the ultimate inspiration though and it is the many forms, shapes and colors of the natural world that inspire me most.

What are some of the things that make your photography different then other artists?

I think many photographers trust their digital camera to take the picture for them and then hope for the best and plan to apply fixes in Photoshop. But good photography actually hasn’t changed much, just the output has changed. Personally I always strive for the best photo possible in the field where I use filters and think about exposure settings. That guarantees an image that barely needs any post processing. I usually do not crop my photography and only apply minimal contrast, lighting, color adjustments before sharpening the final image.

Has your photography been featured in magazines and other sites on the Internet?

Resting” was recently featured in an article about pareidolia in the Brazilian science magazine Mundo Estranho. Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon that finds recognizable forms in any natural manifestation. I am also currently on the cover of a local course magazine that gets distributed four times a year through my community. It is quite a treat to walk through town and see my images all over the place. My work is on sale at Fine Art America (http://juergen-roth.artistwebsites.com) and through my website at www.juergenrothphotography.com. I currently have 17 photographs in a solo exhibition in Newton, MA and “Serene Cape Cod” was juried into an exhibition in Cambridge, MA. I also write a regular blog (http://blog.juergenrothphotography.com) where I discuss my techniques, locations and provide tips for better photography.

Amazing nature photography from Juergen Roth coming soon!

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Richard Rizzo, Amazing Digital Art Studio

Around Circles, “Digital Art Studio on Zazzle.com.”

Around Circles was created for a modern room decor, it’s simple circular shapes, colors and textures along with the perspective gave this a nice feel.

Play Time, “Digital Art Studio on Zazzle.com.”

Play Time is one of my favorites from my Surreal Art collection, It represents timelessness and youth.

The Last Colony, “Digital Art Studio on Zazzle.com.”

The Last Colony was a fun project it represents another time and place that my imagination sometimes takes me too.

Dragons Den Canyon print
Dragon Den Canyon, “Digital Art Studio on Zazzle.com.”

Dragons Den Canyon was a project that I used a low perspective to create, it still remains one of my favorites.

Portal to Peace, “Digital Art Studio on Zazzle.com”

Portal To Peace is a very special piece to me, it was created on the day of Ted Kennedy’s unfortunate death which really moved my emotions enough to come up with this piece.

Happy Hour, “Digital Art Studio on Zazzle.com.”

Happy Hour is one of my newest pieces created in an Avant Garde and Impressionism type style.

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Richard Rizzo, Photographer and Digital Artist, Interview

When and how did you become interested photography? How long have been a photographer?

I became interested in photography when I was about 10 years old but I never got around to buying a camera until after high school in the late 1970’s and basically taught myself more so by trial and error and being it was the days of film it got rather expensive. My first camera that I still own to this day is a Pentax K 1000 that I purchased new in 1978, I have also purchased a digital format Nikon a few years ago but rarely use.

Is anyone else in your family a photographer? No.

What else do you besides take photos? I spend most of my time now creating digital art which actually has taken me to a whole new level of creativity, I constantly experiment with different techniques and art styles using different computer software.

What are some of the things that influence your work? My love of trains and abandoned buildings from a very early age for one, but also mountain hiking in my younger days which made me appreciate the beautiful landscapes in many parts of the country.

What are some of the things that make your photography different then other artists? I think mostly my subject matter such as old abandoned buildings and objects also the use of film from years ago including 35mm infrared which was discontinues a few years back. I have spent many hours restoring a lot of my older photographs digitally with Photoshop over the past few years and still work on many others as time permits me.

Has your photography been featured in magazines and other sites on the Internet? Yes, just a couple of small features or interviews on a few other websites over the past few years.

I want to thank you Richard for stopping by today and giving us the word on what influences your art.

I will also be featuring some of Richard’s digital art pieces coming soon!

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Richard Rizzo, Unique Americana Photography for Sale

A·mer·i·ca·na 2 (ə-mĕrˌə-käˈnə, -kănˈə, -kāˈnə)

1. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Materials relating to American history, folklore, or geography or considered to be typical of American culture: Americana are featured in the exhibit.

When I think of America and our countries history, the things that were used to make our country great go running through my mind. I think of the items that shaped our culture, and changed our landscape.

Richard Rizzo, does an amazing job of photographing unique Americana, the items and geography that runs deep into the soul of our American culture.  America and America’s innovation ring loudly throughout the historical photography of Richard Rizzo!

Today, Richard will show us a few of his amazing photographs, and give us his word on his unique art.

Art PrintsThe Old Mule, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

The Old Mule was photographed in 1996 while visiting Montana, it was part of a roadside attraction that happened to have some of the most awesome antique treasures I have ever seen both inside and out on the grounds,  I just wish I could remember where in the state it was because I would love to make a point of revisiting it again one day.

Art PrintsThe #1702 at Dillsboro, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

The #1702 At Dillsboro was photographed in 1999 at Dillsboro North Carolina and was part of the Smoky Mountain Railway excursion it has since been removed from service for renovations. The train is a Consolidation 2-8-0 built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in the early 1940’s, I photographed it in B/W and added a slight sepia tone to it to give it a more age feel.

Sell Art Online

The Old Georgia Farm, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

Old Georgia Farm has a unique story to it.While visiting at Andersonville (Civil War prison) Georgia I decided to take a scenic route to the highway to get home, well I got out in this part of the state where there was nothing but farms and roads everywhere and that’s when I found this gem of a structure just sitting on a plot of land with no other houses around, I was fortunate enough to have an extra roll of 35mm Infrared film which I loaded on the spot and snapped a few shots. I have learned that sometimes the not so popular roads have some amazing treasures on them. This was photographed in 1997.

Photography PrintsLogan Pass, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

Logan Pass was photographed at Glacier National Park Montana in 1996 where it meets the Canadian border, the place was as incredible and breathtaking as one could imagine, here I managed to capture the piercing sunlight along the well known  “Going-to the-Sun Road. I would highly recommend anyone visiting the region to take a few days to see this awesome place.


Photography Prints

Going Down, “Unique Photography for Sale by Richard Rizzo.”

Going Down was photographed at Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga Tennessee around 1995, I took this shot trying to capture the vertigo feel of this amazing cable train. The Chickamauga and Chattanooga Civil War Military Park is near by.

I want to thank Richard Rizzo for stopping by today and giving his word on his unique photo art.

Richard Rizzo’s, interview will be coming soon!

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Unique Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta

“Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.” Quote

Debi Peralta from Salt Lake City, Utah, is an amazing digital artist. Debi Peralta, creates beautiful masterpieces from the stuff that dreams are made of. Today, we are going to get the word on what has influenced Debi Peralta’s amazing and beautiful fractal art for purchase.

Inclement Imagination, “Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta.”

Debi, what influenced you to create this amazing fractal art piece for purchase?

Honestly, I was frustrated the day I composed this, for lack of inspiration. I wanted something abstract and bold that would convey frustration and this was the result. Ironically, it put me in a better mood because it turned out so well.

Summer Requiem, “Amazing Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta.”

In this breathtaking digital art piece, Summer Requiem what influenced you to create this piece of amazing digital art?

Though I really dread the heat I love the summer. I have gardens all around in the neighborhood where I love and enjoy sitting on my balcony to enjoy the view of the lavish gardens. This piece was composed with the sadness of looking around and seeing flowers crisping in the colder night air.

The Sea Dragon Spawn, “Amazing Fractal Art for purchase from Debi Peralta.”

The Sea Dragon Spawn is a masterful piece of Fractal Digital Art for Purchase, so what is the word behind this piece?

In this piece I set about wanting to create a very pastel form that had a highly organic feel — like something you’d see in nature. It turned out with very draconian lines, and the form seemed like an embryonic sea horse, so it was named as it is. It’s one of those compositions where I fell in love with the gradient I’d composed and it proceeded with mood and forms from there.

Prior to Oblivion,”Amazing Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta”

This also an amazing piece, what was the influence here?

At once a method study and something that is inspired with my fascination for neuroscience — this is meant to illustrate the state of mind prior to death.  I know that sounds morbid.  But the Buddhists monks meditate on their death daily and often.  They seek to achieve a state of mind that ends with a brilliant whiteness after contending with many other vivid states of mind in death.  This work won an honorable mention at the Museum of Computer Art’s 2nd Anniversary Exhibit in Brooklyn.

Sojourner of Wind, “Amazing Fractal Art for Purchase from and Debi Peralta.”

What is the story behind this beautiful piece of fractal art?

I was not particularly inspired at the beginning of this composition. Honestly it’s a study of a method I’d begun to formulate to get the palest possible form and very fine lines on a
pale background. It reminded me of a ghostly sailing vessel — hence the name.

Elusive Fountain of Piece, “Fractal Art for Purchase from Debi Peralta.”

Debi, this is one of my favorite pieces, so what is the story behind piece of fractal digital art for purchase?

This is the work that won the Matt Mawson Award for Excellence in Digital Art at a Solo Online juried invitational.  No particular inspiration at the beginning.  It’s one of those method studies where I set about with a basic idea and proceeded with the forms to arrive at the outcome.  I was very pleased that it looked so realistically like a fountain with a depth of field and a lighted horizon.

I want to thank this amazing,’digital dreamer’ for stopping by today, and giving her words on what is behind her amazing artwork.


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Debi Peralta, from the Website All Things Digital, Interview

Interview with the talented digital artist from the website All Things Digital’s, Debi Peralta:

Mike Hazelwood: When and how did you become interested digital artwork? How long have been an digital artist?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: I first became interested in art during my education at the University of Utah while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.  I took the required classes in fine arts to fulfill liberal education requirements and went a little beyond (resulting in a longer senior year than expected).  My medium at the time was clay and ceramic.  It wasn’t until I discovered digital tools at the advent of the “digital age” that I really found my true medium and began to design.   At first, I just did business cards and resumes for friends and then began designing web graphics.  About 2009 was when I opened a few accounts at some of the premiere online art sites and the rest is history.

Mike Hazelwood: Is anyone else in your family an artist?

Digital Artist, Debi Peralta: My daughter has a significant talent in all things artistic.  Other than that I’m the only one.

Mike Hazelwood: What else do you besides create artwork?

Digital Artist, Debi Peralta: Food.  I love to cook.  I explore all areas of fine cuisine and will find any excuse to entertain or fix a meal for family and friends.  My Beef Stroganoff is my signature main course dish.  I also make a decadent Pavlova.

Other than that I read and crochet.  If I lived in a house I’d probably do gardening, but I have plans to undertake an indoor culinary herb garden that will probably move out to my balcony when the weather gets warmer.

Mike Hazelwood: What are some of the things that influence your digital artwork?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: I find I have an intimate connection with my natural environment — the seasons, the changes in the weather, the incredible scenery in the Wasatch Mountain region.  You’ll see, as a result, some organic forms in my work that resemble natural forms (foliage, clouds, the cosmos, etc.)  My favorite artists, of course, influence my work — Georgia O’Keeffe and Wassilly Kandinsky, to name a couple.

Mike Hazelwood: What are some of the things that make your digital artwork for purchase different then other artists?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: When I first began to follow fractal art with a passion I found I was more drawn to the artists who did asymmetrical compositions as opposed to the mandala-like patterns.  Also I see a lot of fractal work on black backgrounds.  In most fractal programs a black background is default.  Although I do work on darker backgrounds because they accentuate refracted light forms, most of my work is delicately colored and on pale gray backgrounds.  It’s pretty challenging.  You have to be very careful how you choose colors and forms on lighter backgrounds.

I began to follow the work of digital artist Karin Kuhlmann in 2008 whose work is on pale backgrounds.  Her compositional style is sensual and full of movement and flow.  (Some of my viewers have commented they see her influence in some of my work.  YES!!)  She has been kind enough to take me aside and teach me how she uses color.  I took what she has taught me and try to do more contemporary/modern and organic work with fractal programs — something you don’t see much among fractal artists.  So much of fractal art is patterns.  I enjoy work that has a scene — a story — something that invites the viewer in to have a look around.  This is something I try to accomplish with my work.

Mike Hazelwood: Has your digital artwork been featured in magazines and other sites on the Internet?

All Things Digital, Debi Peralta: A lot of people who blog about art have featured my work, but most notably 1st Angel Arts Magazine and Best Emerging Artists have done a few features of my work.  Recently my work was nominated for a juried invitational exhibit at Solo Online, an online arts magazine hosted by RedBubble.  My work received the Matt Mawson Award for Excellence in Digital Art.  I also submitted work to the 2nd Anniversary Exhibit of the Museum of Computer Art, an online and brick and mortar museum in Brooklyn, New York.  Seventy-two works were submitted by artists around the world.  First, second and third place awards and five honorable mentions were given.  My submission was awarded an honorable mention and was also chosen for the cover of the Museum’s exhibit catalog.
Thank you Debi Peralta, the talented and gifted digital artist from, All Things Digital for today’s interview!

Stay tuned for unique amazing fractal artwork for purchase from the talented digital artist, Debi Peralta.

Subscribe to my Twitter feed for the latest updates on this site.  More Amazing, One of Kind, Artwork from Talented Artist Coming Soon!

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